skin contact live in Wisconsin Dells, WI, 2010 photo by Ben Paepke

Fugue State Audio Faircamp

Music from my projects -- Skin Contact (dark electronics, post-industrial, noise), Fugue State (electronica, ambient, IDM, experimental), and BBBG (ambient, experimental)

Complete release listing including compilations, collabs, remix appearances, etc. here: FSA discography

All prices listed are suggested donations only. Support is of course appreciated, but not required. Feel free to donate less if you need to, or more if you can. Enter amount (anything from "0" on up), click on the payment/donation link if paying/donating, and tick the confirmation box to receive your download. If you have any issues, please contact me using the Mastodon link below, or via the contact form at the main FSA site (also linked below).




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