Play 03 Play 03 downcycle 3 4:39
Play 06 Play 06 sinus pressure 4:33
Play 07 Play 07 conscience 4:19
Play 08 Play 08 us them and you 3:35
Play 09 Play 09 still hearing it 4:47

Contains remixes of tracks from past SC releases, plus a few previously unreleased tracks. Two of these tracks (debase and downcycle) come from deep in the vaults, around 1998.

The original idea for this release was to have remixes of at least one track from each SC release, together with some new & unreleased material. I started working on it sometime in 2010, and during the process, my studio PC died. That and certain other events kept me from getting any recording or production done for some time. Now the computer has been replaced, but since there are differences in the new setup, there would be some difficulty getting the other stuff I had going to load up properly. I'm also in a somewhat different place, musically speaking, and I'm more interested in working on new stuff than continuing the re-work. Therefore, I've decided to release the finished tracks as-is, with some re-mastering. I didn't get any tracks from The Fine Line or Chemical Burn remixed, oh well.

If you read that and wonder what Chemical Burn is, it was the first SC release, an EP from the days. You're not missing much.

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