Machine Intelligence

Play 01 Play 01 warped relations 5:15
Play 05 Play 05 obey 5:28
Play 06 Play 06 hope for humanity 3:03
Play 08 Play 08 sick reality 3:22
Play 09 Play 09 time to go 4:30
Play 10 Play 10 answer 3:41

Machine Intelligence is the first full-length release from Skin Contact in 7 years. It was recorded over most of 2016, though elements of some tracks were developed earlier.

This is not necessarily intended to be a concept album, though there is a shared theme of dissatisfaction with modern society, corporate slavery, and humans in general. While longtime fans will no doubt recognize the attention to detail and sound design from previous releases, this album is different in several ways. The first is the inclusion of vocals on a few tracks (“Towards a Bright Future”, “Time To Go”, and “Answer”). In addition, a few tracks make heavier use of guitar than previous work, and overall, this is also probably the noisiest SC album to date.

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